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The Ipswich Blind Society receives no funding from the Government or Statutory Authorities and it relies solely upon fundraising, donations and legacies as its main financial support.

If you are a tax payer then you will be eligible to Gift Aid any donations you make to us simply by signing a declaration that you pay tax. This will enable the Ipswich Blind Society to recover the cost of tax from the Inland Revenue. Leaving a legacy to the Ipswich Blind Society is a very popular method of marking your appreciation for the work that we do and it is tax free.

The Society has a number of Collection Boxes sited around Ipswich in various newsagents, bakers, fish and chip shops and public houses, but we are always very keen to issue more. We would therefore be extremely grateful if you could let us know if you are aware of any shops, clubs, public houses or restaurants in the town that would be willing to have one of our collection boxes, or if you feel you could take a box yourself to have at home.

We have also added our charity to ' website. This is a great place to send people to find out what we're doing and get donating. The form to complete to make a donation is found by pressing 'make-a-donation' shown below and that will take you through to their website. 'Make-a-donation' is a fundraising site where 100% of donations goes to the chosen charity.

If you would like to consider arranging a donation, standing order or legacy for the Ipswich Blind Society, or if you would like to arrange or take part in a fundraising event or sponsor somebody for the benefit of the IBS, please feel free to telephone the Ipswich Blind Society Office on 01473 219712.