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Have you made a Will?

  • Will your Estate go to those you would wish to benefit?
  • Who will deal with your Estate?
  • What about Inheritance Tax?
  • Would you like to support local Blind and Visually impaired People?


Why make a Will?

  • To ensure your children, relatives and friends benefit from your Estate as you would wish.
  • So that you can consider guardianship for your children.
  • To make sure you know who will be dealing with your Estate.
  • So that you can support Charities and Organisations as you would wish.


Nine frequently asked questions:

1. Q: Should I expect my Will to be in large print?

A: Yes you should, ask for all your correspondence to be in font size 16 point or more.

2. Q: Can I make a Will in Braille?

A: It would be best to have the Will in print and a copy in Braille to avoid translation errors.

Q: Should I expect my Will to be in large print?

A: Yes you should, ask for all your correspondence to be in font size 16 point or more.

3. Q: How can I sign if I am blind?

A: You can be guided to make your mark, or someone (not a beneficiary) can sign on your behalf provided they state that it was done in your presence.

4. Q: How do I know what is in my Will if I am blind?

A: One of the Witnesses can read it to you and sign to say that they did that, and that you understood it.

5. Q: Can I witness a Will if I am blind?

A: No

6. Q: What is a Codicil?

A: It is a minor alteration added to an existing Will. A Solicitor can deal with this for you.

7. Q: If I leave a legacy to a Charity are there tax benefits?

A: Yes. The amount left to any registered Charity is deducted from the value of your Estate for Tax purposes, so you can save tax and help a good cause.

8. Q: What should I do before I see a Solicitor?

A: Make sure you know your financial position and how you want your Estate divided. List your major assets (property, jewellery, investments) and think about who you would want to administer your Estate – it is best to check with them that they are prepared to do this.

9. Q: What will a Will cost?

A: Costs vary depending on the size of your Estate and the complexity of the Will. Ask your Solicitor for a quote.

Remember, more problems are caused to relatives by people not having a Will. Make sure you are remembered for the right reasons!


How do I find a Solicitor?

You may already use a Solicitor, if not: Look in Yellow Pages under “Solicitors” Ask friends or relatives for a recommendation.

How you can help the Society

If you would like to leave money in your Will to the Society, the following clause is suggested:

I bequeath, free of all taxes, the sum of £x (or x% of the proceeds of sale of property) for general purposes to Ipswich Blind Society, 19 Tower Street, Ipswich, IP1 3BE. I declare that the receipt of the Treasurer, or other duly authorised officer, of the said Society

shall be a good and sufficient discharge to my Trustees”

How will my legacy help?

How will my legacy help, your legacy will be used to help the IBS to continue to assist visually impaired people, practically and socially, maintain an independent lifestyle