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sillouette of blind person sitting in chair


Being  lonely is bad enough  when  you  can see

Dennis and I used to spend so much time going out and about. It seems so quiet these days, since he died it has been so difficult to do much on my own.

I would love to chat away with my daughter, but  she lives in Australia now.

Ipswich Blind Society - we are what friends are for

sillouette of blind person walking


Being lonely is bad enough when you can see

I used to love football on the telly and will never forget penalty time on that Saturday in June. Now I  hardly see anyone in the evenings, let alone during the day. Marjorie has gone now and the kids are so busy they hardly ever drop by.

I used to coach the school team

They called me the Alf Ramsey of Ipswich.

Those boys were a marvellous lot. I am always hoping some of them will pop in. They might, but they have got their own families now.

Ipswich Blind Society - we are what friends are for

Almost 150 years ago we started helping the visually impaired in Ipswich. Today they are still a special responsibility we take seriously .

We run a wide range of services and activities. From a mobile handyman for general repairs and gardening to a

minibus for local outings.There is IT training, a resource centre and a club for the young called Blink, not to mention the mixed and mens club along with weekend guided walks and a telephone befriending service. We hold regular coffee mornings as well as an annual holiday and community carers for help such as visiting the doctor or getting to a hospital appointment. If that is not enough we hold regular exhibitions and issue a twice yearly newsletter .

In fact there is no need for anyone to feel lonely.

To contact us call in at 19 Tower, Ipswich or phone 01473 219712

Help us if you can

Offering  these  services quickly  empties the kitty. So help us to make the difference and make our day with a donation .

Please make cheques to: Ipswich care for the Blind Ltd.

at: 19 Tower Street, Ipswich  l PI 3BE.

Ipswich Care for the Blind Ltd - Trading as Ipswich Blind Society

 Charity Registration No. 1143105